Sunday, 26 March 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Well the sun is shining but the wind is blowing a hooley so quite cold and certainly not putting polythene on the polytunnel weather and looking at the forecast not for anytime soon, sorry if I'm sounding like a broken record.

Wholemeal seeded loaves made and one in the freezer as only me that eats it. Last night I made cottage pie and chilli so that was last night's teas and left overs for tomorrow. Beef stew is simmering for tonight with breaded chicken for Eldest. I made oatmeal biscuits last night for Eldest to take with her today to the sailing club, fingers crossed it has gone well for her today.
So that's the cooking covered over the weekend, I have started planning our meals for the week on Sundays it makes shopping a lot easier and decision making easier.

We got all five chicken houses cleaned out, disinfected and moved onto fresh grass yesterday so happy chickens. The ponies only had to cone in this morning to eat their breakfasts and give us time to poo pick the paddocks. The boys will move to their new paddock next weekend it has some growth on it so they will be happier with Eldest looking after them as we go up country to the Great Nephew's christening.
Well that will have to be all got to go and see to the animals again.

Take care all!

Thursday, 23 March 2017


My thoughts today are with the families and friends of those caught up in yesterday's events in London. We can't let them win fame for their actions and not let us put us off going about our day today lives, we were in the process of hunting for hotels for our girls to stay in London in the summer they obviously will be going,

Tonight I am going out for a meal with friends from Riding for the Disabled Association where I volunteer every Monday so my eldest is going to cook a curry from scratch for the rest of the family. I have just returned from shopping for the ingredients no wonder most people opt for a jar, but now we have it in stock I'm sure it will be a regular occurrence, wonder if I could grow ginger?

On a final note, I said last time that some of my old ladies have come back into lay well from one eggstreme to another I have a bantam egg of 41g and the other rescue hens egg is an eye watering 89g.

Take care all

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Egg Glut

Averaging 4 eggs a day now so not yet in full production but some of the girls are well into their twilight years. So for lunch today we had a 12 bantam egg omlete with bacon, chives (from the garden) and cheese. It was yummy but so filling couldn't manage tea tonight. But I still had to cook for the girls only a pasta dish but homegrown basil and parsley included, it really makes me feel chuffed with myself.

The cabbage seeds I planted last week are showing through and the carrots and beetroot.

Weather has been unbelievable sun shinning one minute, blabk sky and throwing it down the next and even hail stones the size of gobstoppers. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry......won't hold my breath.

Take care all.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

An Early Start

My eldest daughter starts work at 6am Saturday and Sunday and this weekend and next after working for several hours she will be training to become a dinghy instructor. She has been sailing with the Helford River Children's Sailing Trust since she was seven and going to work there with her Dad nearly ever since, she is a volunteer assistant instructor there and at the sailing club. So as she is going to be out on the water most of the day we had to get up with her to make her packed lunch and a flask of coffee. 

No point wasting the morning so the dogs were walked early and then on to the field. The ponies seemed a bit surprised to see us but quite happy to have an early breakfast. The droppings are much easier to find and pick up now the paddock has been rolled but I don't know how long that will last, the ponies big hooves will soon churn it up.
The weather is due to change so just a few extra forkfuls of weeds dug up this morning from inside the polytunnel area, really can't see the polythene going on any time this week.

A quick sit down and then off out to walk some friends' children take part in a cross country race.....rather them than me!

And finally a big thankyou to Chickpea for my first ever comment.

Friday, 17 March 2017

A busy Friday

Had to make the most of the dry weather. New bale of haylage was delivered so 12 large haynets and 6 small filled.
The boys paddock has been rolled, looks much better and the boys are very happy with it.
The Hubbards are now 8 weeks old and are huge as soon as the current sack of growers feed is emptied they will be on to finishers.
The bantams are laying regularly now but the older girls are still hit and miss. I keep giving them oyster shell but they are still mainly laying soft shelled eggs. Gloria, the Buff Orpington must be  8 years old now atleast and the Light  Sussex is not far behind her.

I managed some digging and got the metre square bed inside the polytunnel frame dug over and weeded.
However, the best news of all, drum roll please, Pete has dug the trenches for the sides of the polytunnel and started the one end. Absolutely chuffed to bits not holding my breath but hopefully the plastic will be on the polytunnel sometime this year.

No photos this time as it just winds me up . It was bad enough typing up an entry yesterday for that not to be published one day i will get this Blogger lark sussed.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

One week on

The chicks are growing really fast.

Can't believe it's only been week, they are now eating loads of chick crumb. Three more weeks under the heat lamp then they can go up to the plot and move on to Growers pellets.

This year I am going to grow three varieties of potato Charlotte, Arran Pilot and Pentland Javelin, two first earlies and on salad variety. They will go into grow sacks and stay here at home. They are currently in the spare bedroom in egg boxes chitting. I will let you know when I plant them up.

All my plant pots have been washed now just the seed trays to go, thought I had better seeing as they are going to live in the new shed.
We bought seed compost and John Innes No.3 ready for the veg trough arriving on Friday. Also bought some Primula to plant up hanging baskets and planters at the field gate.

I have managed to pull up a barrow full of weeds mosts days this week in an attempt to clear the polytunnel area but I think the field is currently winning it back but it makes me feel better to feel I am making a start.

Really getting frustrated with Blogger because I can definitely see me photos whilst writing this but they disappear into the ether as soon as I post them :(

Thursday, 19 January 2017

New Year, New Start

                                         Hello 2017                 

Hello 2017

Today's new additions.
 It has been some time since I have tried to post on here but as I have got back into things I thought it is a good time to return, and I realised how difficult I found all this before but here goes.
I have picked up 6 day old Hubbard chicks that are now in the garage under a heat lamp where they will stay for the next 4 weeks until they can hopefully go up to the plot. These are being reared as meat so no getting too attached!

I have also managed to make a start on some of the veg beds one is weeded, manured and covered with weed supressant ready for planting and a start has been made on a second. The cold frame has been weeded and weed supressant put down in there too.
For Christmas I was bought lots of seeds and I have also added to them so here goes.