Sunday, 28 May 2017

Chicken move its

The Hubbard chicks are now 6 weeks old so we have now split them into two clutches of 3 they seem happy enough. So all chickens cleaned oult and the youngsters moved to fresh grass.
The hens have started laying better, we lost one f the old rescue girls and now most of the egg eating has stopped.

We had the farrier out last week and all ponies had trims so happy ponies. This week will be busy, Scout will have his back manipulated and then Friday the vet is coming out to give the bi-annual tetnus injections and for a general health check.

The polytunnel is filling up nicely but is taking a lot of watering nightly. Courgettes are forming well. I have been harvesting spinach for two weeks there is much more than I can eat but I had a wonderful meal tonight with chicken, mushrooms, spinach, and some double cream with a twist of black pepper. Yum!

Take care all

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Move Around

The "boys" ponies have moved to a fresh paddock so they are happy bunnies.

The chicks have moved from the utility to the Classic Omlet and 2metre run down on the plot in the chicken paddock.
Two of the chicken houses and runs have been moved so they have fresh grass. They have all been cleaned out but the bantams haven't been moved as they don't seem to trash their run as much as the bigger ladies do.

I've bought some more pea seeds, tried Suttons this time so they have been planted out here at home, will take some down to the polytunnel tonight.

No crafting at the moment hand is a bit sore so giving it a rest.

Take care all

Friday, 12 May 2017

The Swallows have Returned

We have atleast two pairs of swallows flying round preparing to nest in the stables it is wonderful to have them back. We have three blue tit boxes up on the front of the stable block and for the first time in years they are all being used rather than just sat on. The sparrows nest in the corrugated roofing sheets where they meet the roof rafters. And for the first time ever at home, in 17 years we have lived here, we have had 3 goldfinches in the garden. I think the numbers of neighbours with cats have diminished.

The chicks were four weeks old yesterday they have been off heat from almost a week old as it has been warm enough in the house. So they will go to the field to live for the next 6 weeks ish. Their house has been disifected and cleaned ready. I can't say I will miss having them in the utility as even with cleani g them out daily now they are still smelly creatures.

On the plant front, peas are a no show, not a single seed has germinated at home or in the polytunnel I will buy so e more seeds next week and try again. Beans however are coming through nicely. I made a rhubarb cake on Tuesday and I can honestly say I think it is my absolute favourite, will certainly be making that again.
Strawberries are developing fruit as is the plum tree and James Grieves apple tree. The two Queen Coxes at the plot are laden with blossom so hopefully a good harvest there too. I will have to look into some storage racks.
We planted out cabbage plants into the polytunnel, 8 on Tuesday and B planted out a further 7 last night as well as some water melons fingers crossed for them.
From the trugs I am now harvesting radishes, spinach, cut and come again leaves and American Land Cress, Pete is really impressed he was showing off to his work colleagues and had them all convinced it was water cress so a definite success.

We have a bit of rain now, we really do need it so a night off watering except in the polytunnel.

Hope you are all having good weather.
Nearly forgot, last Saturday was Flora Day here and B was dancing in the children's dance we are really proud look it up on YouTube you will be humming the tune all day

Take Care

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Chicks up date

Chicks are coming along fine we dropped the heat lamp setting down to low yesterday and today they have been outside in the sunshine.
All cleaned out now, back in the garage when the sun goes down.

Hope you are all enjoying the sun.
Take care

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Circle of Life

We picked up 6 new day old Hubbard chicks on Good Friday to replace the ones that we had despatched the Thursday before, they were eleven weeks old and ranged in weight from 5lb 10oz to 8lb 4oz so all good weights two hens and two cockerels.
We roasted the smallest on Saturday 8th April and it was amazing, very tasty, not too strong or watery just right. We had roast then stir fry, chicken and leek pie and there are three boxes of stock in the freezer from the carcass. I was so relieved that we liked the flavour as we have previously raised cockerels and despatched them ourselves to be very disappointed in the meat finding it too strong in taste and not tender as we kept them long enough to make a decent weight. So now the way forward is to stick with Hubbards as table birds.

I'm sure not everyone will agree with what we do but that's a good thing too. We give our animals a good life, they are fed well and don't get any added antibiotics or fillers.

The eldest daughter made a fantastic argument for our way of life on a FB page over the weekend I was very proud of her standing up for her beliefs so hopefully we haven't done too bad a job raising the girls too!

Hope you are all enjoying the good weather we have here.
Take care!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Catch Up

I'm not very good at this writing lark I keep up with reading other people's Blogs but I'm not good at keeping my own up to date I keep thinking but what have I done so here goes.

Girls are on holiday from school and the days are just running away. Pete has started back at work gradually, he teaches power boating at the beginning of the season so two days last week, two days this, four next then five days a week once the schools all start sailing again. So I have had a few days of sorting the animals out at the plot alone and with the good weather I enjoy the peace.

On Wednesday as a family we worked together and got the polythene put on the polytunnel it took some fine tuning on Friday but it's brilliant. I am currently weeding gradually I am thinking of putting weed suppressant down and planting up cucumber, tomatoes and peppers in pots. So far I have planted up the metre square bed with yellow courgette plants, some pea seeds and sweet corn seeds. I've got some cabbage seedlings growing in my trugs so some from there can go in the polytunnel too.

Last weekend we went up country to the newest great nephews christening it was good to see the family. It seems strange being able to go away weekends now, it's normally me that has to stay home to look after the plot but now that the eldest can drive we have some freedom, can't get too used to it though because it won't be long before she goes away to university.

Take care all

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Well the sun is shining but the wind is blowing a hooley so quite cold and certainly not putting polythene on the polytunnel weather and looking at the forecast not for anytime soon, sorry if I'm sounding like a broken record.

Wholemeal seeded loaves made and one in the freezer as only me that eats it. Last night I made cottage pie and chilli so that was last night's teas and left overs for tomorrow. Beef stew is simmering for tonight with breaded chicken for Eldest. I made oatmeal biscuits last night for Eldest to take with her today to the sailing club, fingers crossed it has gone well for her today.
So that's the cooking covered over the weekend, I have started planning our meals for the week on Sundays it makes shopping a lot easier and decision making easier.

We got all five chicken houses cleaned out, disinfected and moved onto fresh grass yesterday so happy chickens. The ponies only had to cone in this morning to eat their breakfasts and give us time to poo pick the paddocks. The boys will move to their new paddock next weekend it has some growth on it so they will be happier with Eldest looking after them as we go up country to the Great Nephew's christening.
Well that will have to be all got to go and see to the animals again.

Take care all!