Sunday, 28 May 2017

Chicken move its

The Hubbard chicks are now 6 weeks old so we have now split them into two clutches of 3 they seem happy enough. So all chickens cleaned oult and the youngsters moved to fresh grass.
The hens have started laying better, we lost one f the old rescue girls and now most of the egg eating has stopped.

We had the farrier out last week and all ponies had trims so happy ponies. This week will be busy, Scout will have his back manipulated and then Friday the vet is coming out to give the bi-annual tetnus injections and for a general health check.

The polytunnel is filling up nicely but is taking a lot of watering nightly. Courgettes are forming well. I have been harvesting spinach for two weeks there is much more than I can eat but I had a wonderful meal tonight with chicken, mushrooms, spinach, and some double cream with a twist of black pepper. Yum!

Take care all

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