Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Quick Catch Up

The Hubbards went off to Stephen Burrows on Tuesday so roast chicken last night, very tasty and lots left.
I harvested two grow bags of Pentland Javelin yesterday very disappointing yield so won't be bothering with them again, but they were very flavoursome.
Lots of yellow courgettes harvested from the poly tunnel, rhubarb, strawberries and gooseberries from the garden.
There are even watermelons forming on the plant in the polytunnel.


  1. I grew Javelin when I lived in Norfolk, they were the only one of the Pentland family that we liked. In Lincolnshire though they tasted soapy so didn't suit the soil. Now I only grow rocket and Arran Pilot, both in containers. This years crop of Rocket are particularly good.

    1. They did seem a bit soapy now you mention it. I have Arran Pilots and Charlotte's too all growing in sacks.