Thursday, 20 April 2017

Chicks up date

Chicks are coming along fine we dropped the heat lamp setting down to low yesterday and today they have been outside in the sunshine.
All cleaned out now, back in the garage when the sun goes down.

Hope you are all enjoying the sun.
Take care


  1. Lovely to discover your blog. New follow from me. P.S. Please send some sunshine this way. X

    1. Thank you Jules I believe you must be my first real follower I must admit I don't find my way round Blogger very user friendly so don't know how to put up follower bars or such like. Maybe it's because I use the iPad? But once the girls have finished their exams I will get them to help.
      Hope you have sunshine soon x

  2. I used to keep chickens and bantams but not for a few years. I was going to have quail here but we have a large fox population so decided that building fort Knox in the garden was not for me. happy to have found you.

  3. Hello Pam, we have hens and bantams on the plot. We used to keep quail at home but wouldn't risk having them at the field too vunerable and they were quite vocal so would soon let all and sundry know where they are.
    Thank you for finding me.